Address: Russia, Sochi, Chernomorskaya str., 4
(Main entrance from Gagrinskaya street)
Booking 8-862-227-00-67 8-800-200-22-67 (Toll free)
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Eclair Banquet Complex

Unique atmosphere of the restaurant

Вместимость до 100 персон
Современное звуковое и проекционное оборудование
При заказе банкета – зал комплиментарно
Банкетное меню
Техническая поддержка
Банкетный менеджер
Capacity up to 250 persons
Up-to-date multi-media equipment
If you order a Banquet - the hall is provided complimentary
Banquet menu
Technical support
Banquet Manager

Detailed description of the facility

The Éclair Complex high-end interior is suitable for any event: whether it is a Banquet, wedding ceremony, furchet or formal dinner.

The interior of the spacious hall is decorated in warm pastel shades, and dim lights create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Allow our highly professional staff to take care of your event to the minor detail, help you choose the most comfortable seating arrangement for your guests. Depending on your event, you can add decorations to the interior of the hall.

At your request, the Chef of the Éclair Complex, Sergey Seliverstov, will personally participate in the creation of a customized menu, bringing personal touch to the perfect taste of his exquisite dishes.

Detail attention to the individual needs of each guest, creative preparation and presentation of food, professional level of restaurant service, all this will make your event in Sochi truly memorable.

Contact our banqueting Manager using toll free number: 8-800-200-2267 EXT. 5019 or by email:

Schemes of furniture layout

Room capacity

 Banquet Furchet Total area
220 250 420 м2