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Joy with room service


A good surprise is always unexpected, it provides pleasant emotions and a sea of delight. If you want to wish a happy birthday, arrange romantic evening or a "marriage proposal", or simply pleasantly surprise your beloved one for no special reason, then our "Room Decoration" service is for you!

The Hotel team will be happy to take care of all the arrangements!

For more information and to order a service order a service, please call: 8800200 22 67 ext. 5007, 5034, 5059 (toll free in Russia) or just write to the chat right now.


Set № 1: Latex helium balloons (10 pcs.), a cake with candles, "Happy Birthday" banner, flower composition / bouquet.Price: 4000 rubles

Set № 2: Latex helium balloons (10 pcs.), a cake with candles, "Happy Birthday" banner.Price: 2500 rubles

Cake with candles (at your choice: Berry mousse, Yogurt mousse, Napoleon, 300 gr.). Price: 700 rubles

Romantic evening

Set № 1: Rose petals, electric candles, 9 helium balloons, 1 foil «Heart» balloon, flower composition/bouquet, fruit plate. Price: 5000 rubles

Set № 2: Rose petals, electric candles, 1 "Heart" balloon made of foil.

Price: 2000 rubles

Decoration with helium balloons

Latex balloons filled with helium, 10 pcs. Adults and children as well will be pleased with such a surprise. During your entire stay, the balloons will float under the ceiling, creating a continuous atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Price: 1500 rubles

Composition / bouquet

Can flowers be called a universal gift? We think so. Especially when they are assembled with love into a harmonious composition. The subtle fragrance of flowers, their natural colors will cheer you up and give you a genuine aesthetic pleasure.

Price: 2000 rubles